Friday, July 16, 2010

know about "me"

ASSALAMUALAIKUM name Hidayatul syakira bt friend call (syakira).I'm 19 years old,next years
(20).I live at Keratong 05 Muadzam Shah.I have big family ( 5 sister and 2 brother).i'm youngest.
my sibling so love with birthday is 15 august matrix number 02dke09f1021.I'm student POLISAS, my course Diploma Electronic Engineering..My ambition is Engineer.officer TNB......=).and have one dream..make kind person and success..

My father is Asmawi Basri.He is kind and strong......He is perfect give me..because he love me always..( i love my father).....break now


Nadrah Zainal Abidin said...

Hi Kyra, it must be fun to have a big family..especially during's good that you dream big..all you need to do now is to work hard for it k..!

kyra said...

hey miss,,"yes" =) so hepy have big family..sory short story..cannot open blog avery day......
dont have laptop laaa....=(...heheheh..but i'am try the best 4 you n me..